So long April, Hello May….Let the fun begin!

Sure we’ve had some cooler temps of late after a picture perfect 75 degree Monday. This time of year you can have some cool days mixed in with the nice ones. But what’s important here at your home-port is that Launch marches on!


You can bet we’re busy as bees in fact, we didn’t let the cooler air slow us down, we even found a nice pool under that winter cover.


So get those launch orders filled out and make sure you put a date on them, then turn it in. Or if your undecided stop by and let us help you with your paperwork. Either way, the time is fast approaching to make a splash at your favorite Lake Erie Marina!


We hope to see you dockside!

Launch Season Arrives… We have what floats your boat!

We’ll take it!..Temps have been at or near the mid-60 mark for several days this week, so several more boats set sail for fun.


Well, to some it may seem a tad early to hit the water, but we have already seen several Captains splashdown as the early bird boaters are put in the water in some very unseasonably mild temps. Some already on their second or third fishing adventure on to the Lake.



So for those of you still working on your Launch Orders our Captains and Crews know that if they need help filling out a launch order we are just a phone call away, or stop in, and let us help as we are now open 7 days a week.


Also, “R” Service Department would like to make sure you know to put a launch date on your order before turning it in. We cannot schedule services without a date to work with, so please be sure to double check that before you make your request, it is much appreciated!

Till then, we hope to see you dockside at your favorite Lake Erie Marina!

Sunshine on our shoulders….makes us happy!

Finally, that big yellow thing in the sky has appeared and just in time as boats are really starting to make a splash at your home-port!


And as if that was not good enough, we have even better news. Dairy Dock is now open and serving your favorite treats, So get your sweet tooth ready!


As we are now  pulling double duty with boats and sweets at your home-port, we hope you and your crew have a chance to stop by and see all that we have to offer at your family fun marina.

Now open 7 days a week from 9-5 to serve you better,we hope to see you dockside!

Soggy Start, but have heart…better days ahead!

Sure we know the saying about April showers, but it’s hard to wait when your getting excited for the May part to get here. Even a soggy start can’t dampen our spirits, or those of some diehards as we have put more boats in the water this week. Now that’s optimism, for even as the rain clouds approach we can see the signs of better days ahead.


So take heart, though it may be chilly now, the days are getting longer which means it will soon be Sunsets over the water.


So if your looking for a place to call your home-port, we’re hoping you will stop by and let us show you all our Lake Erie Marina has to offer.

We hope to see you dockside!


No April Fooling…”R” Hours are changing with the seasons.

With April fools day upon us. It is time to change our hours to and starting to think Spring! Starting April 1st we will be open from 9-5,  seven days a week. (No Fooling)…

We have already had some great spring days which has allowed us to get the dock boxes out and even the start of picnic tables as well. Things are really shaping up at your homeport!



Also, and here’s where  it gets exciting, it just happens to coincide with the first boat in the water..pictured below.


So things are really starting to get in ship shape at your family fun Lake Erie Marina!

We hope to see you dockside!

We’ve got some Good News and some Better News…

As if putting the docks in on some unseasonable warm sunny days wasn’t already making us think spring, today we would like to share one of our favorite dates to remember…

Dairy Dock opens April 14th

We are happy to announce that not only does Launch start in a few short days (on or near April 1st), but Dairy Dock soon returns on April 14th as well. That’s our kind of start to spring.



So if your still wondering where your boat would like to spend the summer, please stop by and let us show you what we have to offer.

We will be Open Saturday from 10-3 and hope to see you dockside!

More from the Shore….Docks making a splash at your homeport!

What nice weather we have had this week. Taking advantage of a little sunshine and some mild temps we were able to get started putting the docks in, as we inch closer toward launch.


Of course this is just the very beginning, but compared to last year where we were waiting for ice to melt, we are feeling good about getting an early start to spring.


Another sign of spring arrives very soon for Romp’s Captain’s and their crews as Launch Orders are coming soon to a mailbox near you. So you will have plenty of time to think over your game plan for splashdown.

Finally, for those of you looking for a place for your boat to call home. We are now Open Saturdays from 10-3 stop by and let us show you what we have to offer!

Hope to see you dockside!


Now Open Saturdays.. So “March” on in!

With each passing day we are inching closer and closer to seasonable temps and with it plans for a spring launch. Right now we are working on launch orders so we can get them in the mail in hopes that when the thermometer goes up, the docks can go in. While it may seem early yet to talk of launching boats with traces of snow still on the ground, these things have a way of sneaking up on the unprepared.

After all, it won’t be long and the river will look like this again!


So if your out and about and you want to talk spring and launch, or if your new to boating and your looking for a place to call your homeport stop in and see why Romp’s is Lake Erie’s Family Fun Marina.

We’ll have the coffee on for you!….We hope to see you dockside.

Open 10am to 3pm Saturday!


Stay-cation….all you need for family fun, just add water!

So what exactly is a Stay-cation? It’s a vacation where you stay right here in Ohio and take advantage of inexpensive opportunities for family fun. Instead of wearing out the kids on long expensive and crowded journeys…..


Many families are foregoing spending thousands of dollars on packing the kids up and flying them to far-flung locales. Not to mention avoiding the long days and even longer lines at amusement parks where your hard earned dollars get chewed up quickly.


Instead, we are seeing a trend where families invest in a healthy lifestyle, which includes boating. A stay-cation means time outdoors being active together away from the stress of everyday life. Especially important is the break from TV’s, Computers, Video Games, and things the cause a sedentary lifestyle.


For about the amount of money (sometimes less) then you would spend to buy airline tickets, park passes plus food and accommodations for a long weekend or half week, you can get a whole summer worth of swimming, boating, fishing, and putt-putting. Plus cookouts and extra time with friends and family. Even if it rains one weekend, you have many others to enjoy unlike a trip or cruise.


This summer get the most that you can get for your entertainment dollar, Stay-cation right here at your Family Fun Marina, Romp’s Lake Erie Marina.

If your summer plans don’t look like this, you may be missing the boat!

A bit of thaw after all………

When it turned 55 degrees there were actually people wearing short sleeve shirts and basking in the sun around Vermilion. I guess after you have endured a mildly warm winter, that another day over freezing in February is a bonus. Today, as the day nears 55 it feels downright balmy, and it’s nice to know that temps this mild can remind you of the better days ahead.

(pic below – Lake Erie Feb 20/16.. 9am)


Of course the upside is a much needed thaw and melt down as these warm temps will greatly reduce the amount of precipitation we have piled up and start us on thinking spring.


While the Lake freezing is very good for the wildlife within, and to help maintain water levels, we are grateful to come out of the cold for a spell and to see that stretch of blue water as a sign that spring is only around the corner.

Till we see you dockside!